Anti-Acne Mist.


A soothing spritz to hydrate, refresh and calm acne-prone skin.

Do you experience breakouts and pimples from wearing a face mask?

Our latest cult-favourite product Skin Control Anti-Acne Mist™ has been lab formulated to help combat surface blemishes and calm acne-prone skin. This hydrating spritz is the perfect pick me up for stressed skin, while cleansing breakouts at the same time. Dermatologically tested, Anti-Acne Mist is suitable for all skin types.


Cruelty Free • Vegan friendly • Paraben Free



How it works.


Made with Australian Tea Tree Oil, Salicylic Acid & Witch Hazel.


Salicylic Acid — One of the most remarkable benefits of salicylic acid treatment is its ability to exfoliate the skin. Many skin issues are caused by the build-up of dead skin cells on the surface of the skin. Salicylic acid penetrates into the pores of the skin to dissolve dead skin cells and flaky skin that has built up on the surface of the skin and causes clogged pores. 


Tea Tree — Tree Oil can help by clarifying the skin lifting oil and dirt out of clogged skin pores. Tea Tree Oil is a gentler, natural alternative to medications, many people prefer to use products containing Tea Tree as the active ingredient to gently resolve skin problems. The strong antibacterial properties of Tea Tree Oil can also help to reduce the causes of swelling and irritation of the skin.


Tasman Pepper— This clever berry, native to the mountains of Tasmania, is a relatively new skincare ingredient, but one that comes with numerous benefits. Rich in flavonoids, it helps protect the skin from UV-related damage and environmental aggressors. With continued use, it can reduce pimples and even out skin tone, which is why it’s such an effective treatment for breakouts and blemishes.






Three simple steps.

STEP 1: For optimal results, cleanse before use.

STEP 2: Spray mist 2-3 times over face while avoiding contact with eyes. Ensure eyes and mouth are closed when applied.

STEP 3: Allow mist to dry and do not rinse off. Use daily or as often as desired.