5 Skin-Positive Accounts We Love To Follow

5 Skin-Positive Accounts We Love To Follow

Content we can get behind.

Instagram is a great place most of the time, but it’s no lie the platform is full of shiny, perfect content that isn’t really conducive with real life.

This is especially true when it comes to skin — a lot of what we see is filtered or heavily edited. It’s fine in small doses, but the reality is that skin ain’t perfect (and we should know). Pores, spots, marks and redness are all part of the journey, and there’s nothing we love more than content creators who discuss this. 

So we’ve compiled a few of our faves — those who have been through or are going through a skin journey, and are sharing skin-positive content as a result. Keep reading to follow, save and double-tap. 



Maddie Edwards, @madeleineedwards 

Maddie is fresh, inspiring and upfront about her history with acne and eczema — but we’re mostly here for the incredible makeup intel. Whether it’s a dewy blush look or graphic eye, you’re sure to @madeleineedwards  some excellent tips on her grid. 

 Image via @madeleineedwards

Kali Kushner, @myfacestory

Kali is a fine artist and influencer who has shared her skin journey with followers for years. What Kali does so well is showcase that the acne experience isn’t always straightforward — hormones, pregnancy and life can trigger flare ups any old time, and that’s okay. Also, her Reel on faux freckles is a must-watch. 


Image via @myfacestory

Lou Northcote, @lounorthcote

Model and influencer Lou Northcote actually coined the hashtag #freethepimple after losing work as a model due to her skin. She’s since shared her experience with acne drugs (accutane, or isotretinoin as it's known), winning skincare products and the emotional toll of breakouts. Brb, saving all her recommendations. 


Image via @lounorthcote

Free The Pimple, @freethepimple_

On that note, Lou also founded the page, @freethepimple_ — an account dedicated to acne positivity and celebrating all skin types (we love to see it). There’s takeovers, skincare tips, but most importantly real conversations about the struggles that come with skin — plus a little reminder that perfection is a myth. 


Image @jacee.ao via @freethepimple_

Melodie Perez, @diaryoftroubledskin

From skin to hair, Melodie is a wealth of knowledge and inspiration in the beauty space. She’s also super honest, covering topics like sunscreen for POC, acne myths and how to deal with unsolicited beauty advice. Follow and double tap, for sure! 


Image via @diaryoftroubledskin