Girl smiling holding up pimple patch to her face

Are pimple patches effective?

Pimple patches are super useful for helping to reduce the look and feel of blemishes, while also keeping your delicate skin clean and protected. But for them to be most effective, you need to pick the right patch for your pimple. Find out which of our patches are made for your pimples, with options designed to suit pre-breakout, during breakout, and post-breakout pimples.

Do pimple patches work on blind pimples?

Standard pimple patches work well on pimples with a blackhead or whitehead, but blind pimples need to be dealt with differently. They have gunk below the surface of your skin, so there’s nothing on top to be absorbed by a patch. And squeezing them? Out of the question!
Our Pimple Patch Micro-Dart is made specifically for blind or early-stage pimples. It has 170 tiny micro-darts infused with Salicylic Acid, Tea Tree Oil, and Centella Asiatica Extract to help reduce the surface appearance of blind pimples.

Should I use pimple patches daily?

As soon as you notice a pimple brewing, start patching it. Our Pimple Patch AM+PM pack contains thinner patches for discreet daytime use and thicker, heavy-duty patches for overnight use. They’re best for pimples with a visible whitehead or blackhead.
Not only does it help keep the delicate skin clean and protected from dirt (and you picking it), but it also assists with absorbing gunk and excess oil. You can wear them day and night consecutively until your pimple fades away.

Can I wear makeup over pimple patches?

Don’t let a spot stop you! After you’ve applied your skincare, place a Pimple Patch AM onto your blemish and continue with your makeup routine. These patches are our most undetectable option, so they’re excellent under light and full-coverage makeup looks.

Should I wear pimple patches overnight?

It’s ideal to wear pimple patches overnight, like our Pimple Patch PM or Pimple Patch Party Pack, so they can do the hard work while you rest. Pimples produce surface-level gunk gradually, so it takes time for a pimple patch to draw it all out (give it about eight hours). When you take it off in the morning, don’t rip it off like a band-aid – remove it slowly and carefully. Your pimple should be visibly reduced, with a smoother feeling and less gunk.

Do pimple patches work on large breakouts?

Sometimes you need to bring out the big guns – like our Pimple Patch XL or Pimple Patch Full Face. When one or two patches aren’t enough, XL is made to cover pimple clusters on your face or body. Full Face contains five individual patches (for your forehead, nose, chin, and both cheeks) that are designed to stick comfortably on different areas of your face. You can also cut the XL or Full Face patches to size if you want a customised shape.

Can I use pimple patches after a breakout?

 Our Dark Spot Fade Patch is made for that! Designed for overnight use, these patches assist with reducing the look of post-breakout redness or hyperpigmentation. For best results, wearing them consecutively in the evenings for about a week to fast-track fading.