The Difference Between Hydrocolloids, Spot Treatments And Pimple Patches.

The Difference Between Hydrocolloids, Spot Treatments And Pimple Patches.


Because different spots need different dots.


Fun fact: not all pimple patches are created equal. But then again, no breakout is the same, so it makes sense that there would be a range of different products for different pimples, skin types, and stages in the blemish lifecycle. 


The three main types in existence are those made from hydrocolloid, micro-dart patches, and classic acne/pimple patches infused with active ingredients. All play a slightly different role when it comes to treating a spot, but most importantly, all of them will keep it clean, moist, and guard against picking and UV light, which can lead to those annoying post-acne brown marks (or post inflammatory hyperpigmentation… SMH). 


Luckily for you, clear skin and pimple patches are our specialty, so we’ve put together an explainer on all the products out there, how they work, what they can do, and who should be using them. 



So an acne or pimple treatment patch is a small dressing that’s infused with pore-clearing actives like tea tree, salicylic acid or niacinamide. The idea is that they’re occlusive, so the ingredients are able to get deeper into the spot and clear out the pore. Pimple treatment patches are often the thinnest of the bunch, so work well if you want to wear them to the office/gym/date night… whatever you’ve got planned. 

Our Skin Control Pimple Patches are infused with tea tree, a plant extract known for its antibacterial and skin-clearing properties. Plus, they defend against picking, UV and pollution so you can get clear, smooth skin fast. They work on any active spot, and will help speed up healing as well. 

Try out Skin Control Pimple Patch AM to wear during the day (they’re basically invisible), Pimple Patch PM while you snooze, or the XL size to treat a few spots at once. 

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Hydrocolloid has long been used as a wound dressing in the medical field, but has gained popularity for acne because it’s a material that absorbs fluid, promotes healing and protects the skin from dirt and bacteria. If you’ve got a whitehead, or a pimple that’s oozing (sorry) hydrocolloids are a good treatment option.



Micro-dart patches are like a hydrocolloid, but have tiny “darts” filled with active ingredients (like salicylic acid). The darts create microscopic punctures in the skin and then dissolve, so the acne-fighting ingredients can get in and do their job. Micro-darts are excellent if you’re trying to shrink a cyst, or a spot that hasn’t really come to a head. Micro-dart patches are also generally the most expensive of the bunch.



Okay, pore strips don’t technically fall into the pimple patch category but we love them! Pore strips are usually made from a woven material with an adhesive on one side that works to literally pull out blackheads (usually on oily areas like the nose or chin). 

The Skin Control Blackhead Blasters take it a step further, and come with a pore-softening pre-treatment, and a third strip to calm and soothe afterwards. We have a Regular Strength option infused with tea tree, and an Extra Strength one witch hazel for difficult-to-remove blackheads. 

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